The United States has a new President!

    From “I Have A Dream” to ‘Yes We Can’

What an exciting day!  Today the United States swore in its 44th President, and  Barack Hussein Obama started his 4 years in office with a speech filled with hope.   I loved the part of the speech that said ‘a man who’s father 60 years ago would probably not get served in a restaurant can now stand before you to take the most sacred oath’.

Nancy Gibbs from Time Magazine summed it up eloquently and talks about the humility, gratitude and sacrifice much better than I can.  The link is attached.

You see, this is not just a great day for Americans.  This is a great day for everyone with dreams, hope and aspirations.  Victory cheered throughout the world today from Kenya to Canada.    I’ve mentioned it before, when the United States sneezes, Canada catches a cold.  Well today we grabbed the Kleenex and cried tears of joy with everyone else.  Barack Obama represents hope not just for the United States of America but to the rest of the world that there are better days ahead.

It’s a great day to celebrate around the world.

Enjoy and share it with your family and friends.


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