The Bucket List

Have you found Joy?

Have you brought Joy to others?

I loved this movie.  I love Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman.  And they were splendid.  Nicolson was his best sarcastic witty self,,, and Morgan Freeman was the warm insightful character we have come to love.

The questions at the top were two things that stood out for me in the movie.  Morgan Freeman believed when he got to the “Pearly Gates”, these were the two questions that were going to get him admitted.  And he lived his life accordingly.   I always like to think it was “What have you done for others?”.. But this works for me.  Find joy for yourself, bring joy to others!  Simplistic but profound.

What would you do if you were given less than a year to live.  And why would it take a death sentence for you to make out a ‘Bucket List’?  Make one out while you are healthy and vibrant,,, and set out to achieve as much on that list as you can.

Good Living!


ps… I just finished reading Stephanie Meyer’s book “Twilight” and I am going to see the movie this week.  The book was awesome.  It and the movie will be my next post.  I know, I know, I’m late jumping on that bandwagon, but I always sucked at following fads.  The book was great.  Will let you know about the movie.  Have fun, tomorrow is Friday!

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