Twilight – The Book & The Movie!


I read the book first!  And I LOVED it.  I’m an avid reader, and was a while catching on to this one, because usually I don’t enjoy books about vampires.   So I was a little late picking it up.  But when people at work starting talking about, when I came across it in the book store, I grabbed it. 

This is a beautifully written love story.   A fascinating tale in that only Stephanie Meyer could have made all the vampire characters so real!  Mysterious but at the same time warm.  ( I know, strange words to use about ‘cold ones’)  But they were warm and likeable, and I cheered when these two misfits fell in love.

Then I went to see the movie!  And I LOVED it.  Nothing excites me more than when a great book is made into a great movie.  (well there may be one or two other things that excite me more, but that’s another Post)

The first thing I noticed is that the movie is well cast.  As Stehanie Meyer describes the characters in the book, that’s how they came alive on the big screen.  (Again, pardon the pun please).  And this relative unknown cast impressed me so much with great acting.  These are not easy characters to play but each actor and actress did a fantastic job.  This book was a best-seller and they had big shoes to fill.  And they were wonderful.

Go see it,,, fall in love.  It’s full of suspense, mystery, some comedy and a great love story. 

I can’t wait to get to the book store to buy the next book in the series, New Moon.   Enjoy!


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