Where Are All The Deals?

    Me On Vacation!

I would love to go on another trip to a destination I have never been!  So where are the deals?  Is it my imagination, or do there seem to be fewer deals this year than ever before?

I was thinking that with the economic recession around the world, and people all over Canada and the United States losing their jobs, that the travel industry would offer some good deals on vacations.   I think the statistic I heard was 598,000 people lost their jobs in January.   These people are trying to save their homes, probably not thinking about vacations.

I was talking to my travel agent in early January and she told me that people are waiting for ‘the deal’!  Well, where are they?  Normally in January, Air Canada offers a great seat sale.  If they did it this year it was the best kept un-advertised secret ever. 

I have been checking the regular websites, (Expedia, Travelocity, etc)   but nothing catches my attention as a great deal.  I usually take a vacation every year, usually a sunny destination.  6 months of winter each year will do that to you.   I know what I have paid in the past, and I’ll tell you, there aren’t any spectacular deals yet.

If anyone knows of  another website I can check out, please let me know.

Here’s to the sunshine in our minds!


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