A visit to the Great Northern Peninsula.

pictures of the season winter            picture of Iceberg

It’s been 26 years since my last visit, but this weekend I took a trip to the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland.  My mother is from the Northern Peninsula and although the occasion was sad, her sister died, and we went up for the funeral…. the visit, however, was fantastic.

I have never been up there in the winter, and the stark beauty captivated me.  Ice floes in the water, the snow drifts where it was so barren in places.  I can’t believe I didn’t bring my camera, so I got the above pictures from a website on the Northern Peninsula. 

It’s a popular spot in the summer, and I can see why.  The ocean is your driving partner as you drive along Route 430, and you see bogs and mountains.  We saw 1 moose and 5 caribou on the way up, and 1 moose on the way down, just curled up sitting watching the traffic on the side of the road.  He wasn’t moving. 

There wasn’t much traffic in the winter time, and with good reason.  Weather can change pretty quickly in Northern Newfoundland and we hit two separate snow storms on the return trip. 

We did however, get to enjoy the music and hospitality of the people.  They celebrate life like no others.  It was a joy to watch.  The funeral was packed, as people share everything with each other.  There aren’t much in the way of amenities, no shopping, no museums, no galleries.  There’s just people, music and laughter

What a great trip.  Thank you to every0ne who made it so enjoyable.  I can’t wait for the next trip.


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