Winter Carnival Time in Corner Brook


Friday, February 20th, kicked off the 38th annual Winter Carnival here in Corner Brook.  It was the best opening ceremonies I have ever seen.  The park was filled with people of  all ages, waiting for Lief the Lucky to come out of the tunnel and offically open Winter Carnival.

There was a spectacular fireworks display, followed by great entertainment by Rex Goudie and Uncle Harry’s Bar Band.  The draw for Lief the Lucky’s Treasure Chest went over extremely well.  It was the first year and a lucky 14 year old girl walked away with some fantastic prizes, including a Wii System, Ipod, digital camera and much more.

 These opening ceremonies set the stage for 10 days of Winter fun.   If this is any indication of the level of entertainment, the people of Corner Brook are in for a great 10 days.  Tied in with the ECMA’s, Corner Brook is now a hot-bed of winter activity, entertainment and fun. 


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