Oscar Fashion! Yawn!


Can you spell dullsville!  I was disappointed in the fashions at the Oscars.  I was hoping to see more color.  Cream color dresses everywhere!

Jessica Biel, Marissa Tomei, Anne Hathaway, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Evan Rachael Wood, Aghhhhhh!  Come on ladies, boring with a Capital B!

Here were some of my favorites.  Amy Adams, you rocked!   Freida Pinto from Slumdog Millionaire was exquisite.  Natalie Portman looked fantastic in the pink number.   Kate Winslet looked like a sculpture in her beautiful Atelier Yves St. Laurent.   Heidi Klum dazzled in Red.   And although she irritates me, I like the dress worn by Miley Cyrus.  Excellent choice.

Basic black is one of my favorites and Anglina Jolie looked fabulous in an Elie Saab dress and Diane Lane looked like a movie star in the Dolce and Gabbana strapless.

The absolute worst.  Beyonce.  My God, she looked like a set of curtains from the disco era.   Sarah Jessica Parker, not only was the dress a boring color, it was TOO SMALL.  You were busting out of it, and it wasn’t attractive.  Whoopi Goldberg, less than purr-fect in the leopard skin.  Vanessa Hugdens should stay away from hunting areas, and Zac Efron put the tux in the dryer, it looked way too small and he looked out of place. 

Interesting to see who agrees and disagrees with me.


  1. gingerbreadninja says:

    Oh. My. Word!!! You are right about Beyonce! That is absolutely horrendous!!! I just read this on another site “Sarah Jessica Parker looks gorgeous in a Dior Haute Couture gown… at the Oscars” …. looking at the pictures, I have to say that she is bursting out of that dress. Can she BREATHE?? Ugh!!!

    I think I pretty much agree with you. I’m glad i found your blog.

    1. darmyers says:

      I know what you mean. A couple of the entertainment shows liked Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress as well, but I thought it looked horrible on her. Thanks for reading.

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