The Oscars!

See full size image  Rourke-oscars mickey-rourke-2009-oscars-15   Winslet-oscar kate-winslet-2009-oscars-01  Hugh Jackman with Anne Hathaway in the opening number for the 2009 Oscars

“You Commie Homo Lovin’  Son’s of Guns!’  It’s not every day you hear that at an Awards Ceremony!  Sean Penn’s first line after winning the Oscar for Best Actor for his role playing Harvey Milk in the film Milk, and by far, the best Oscar acceptance speech of the night!
It was a night of some predictability, a lot of cream colored dresses and some great moments.  I thought Hugh Jackman did a superb job of hosting.  This is not an easy job… It tends to be a 4-hour show and you have to entertain through awards given in categories that not alot of people talk about, like Best Foreign Film, Cinematography, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing… and the list goes on and on!   I really enjoyed the opening number. The length of this show leaves a lot to be desired though. 
I was really glad Sean Penn won, I personally think he is a brilliant actor in all the roles he takes on.  I was cheering for Mickey Rourke.  I saw ‘The Wrestler’ and thought he gave a jaw-dropping performance.   And I thought the recognition Sean Penn gave him was well-deserved.   Kate Winslet was honest and funny with her story of the shampoo bottle, and to no one’s surprise “Slum Dog Millionaire” won Best Picture.
I have got to comment on some of the funny moments… Ben Stiller doing his Joaquin Phoenix impression was hilarious, but I think the best was Steve Martin and Tina Fey.  Two of the funniest people on the planet had people laughing so hard.  And if you missed the Red Carpet, you missed Mickey Rourke telling people “I hope Sean Penn wins, if he does I’ll be there clapping my ass off”!
And with that, I think I will wrap it up!

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  1. Trudy Campbell says:

    Great overview, sis. I can only see the highlights on my computer, not having cable t.v., and all. Now I just can’t wait for some of these films to be shown in our theatre!!!

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