Goodbye February – Hello March!

Goodbye February by brewer crazy.

Today is March 1st.  There are 305 days left in this year, and 298 sleeps until Christmas.  I know, I know!

The worst two months of winter are over!  Hopefully!  I am so glad to see March arrive – it has been a long, lots of snow two months of January and February. 

It’s Beer Day in Iceland – a celebration of this day in 1989 that marked the end of beer prohibition.  I can’t help but wonder when Wine Day is.   It also marks the birthdays of Movie Director Ron Howard and George Eads from C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation. 

It’s also the last day of the Corner Brook Winter Carnival.  Closing ceremonies take place at Club 64 on Broadway with music provided by ‘The Newfie Connection’. 

It’s also the last day of the East Coast Music Awards with the big Awards Show and televised Gala taking place tonight.  Corner Brook has been a hub of musical talent and activity over the past couple of days.  What a treat for those of us who live here to experience the East Coast Music Awards.

Enjoy your Sunday, March 1st!

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  1. Michelle Myrick says:

    Let me know if you find out when Wine Day is….ha! Love your pieces….really glad I can check in with you this way from time to time. Keep writing…….great stuff!

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