The ECMA Gala!

 Hey Rosetta by Mr. Scotto   Hey Rosetta by Mr. Scotto   Hey Rosetta by Mr. Scotto   Hey Rosetta by Mr. Scotto

Sunday night I had the privilege to attend the ECMA awards show Gala!  What a fantastic show.  The Pepsi Centre in Corner Brook was transformed to a professional looking stage.  Damhnait Doyle and Jian Ghomes did a fabulous job of hosting.  They were entertaining, funny, smart and intelligent.  Great job!

Hey Rosetta won a few awards and what a great performance.  The young up-and-comers, who earned their musical chops playing on George Street in St. John’s, N. L., walked away with three trophies for their album, “Into Your Lungs (and around in your heart and on through your blood).”   That quote came from the Peterborough Examiner and you can read it here.,%20THE%20CANADIAN%20PRESS

The only let-down of the night was Newfoundland’s own Tara Oram.  What an embarrassment she turned out to be when she stole Kate Winslet’s Oscar Acceptance Speech.  Can you say TACKY!  For God’s sale, you are supposed to be a ‘performer’… go out and get yourself an original speech.   You’re an embarrassment to the provice,,, I was ashamed we were from the same island.

Moving on…. other great performers included Jill Barber, Ron Hynes, interesting Acadian Rappers and the wonderful Damhnait Doyle herself. 

What a weekend, capping off with this wonderful event.  I enjoyed the ECMA’s in Corner Brook so much, and I may just have to make a trip to Cape Breton next year, to take it all in.  Way to go volunteeers and staff!



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