Shanneyganock Volume VII

Shanneyganock Rocks!   If you haven’t already got this CD, then run out to your nearest music store and get it.  It is fabulous.

This CD is Shanneyganock at its best.  It was hard to narrow down a few favorites… but here goes..

“Heart and Soul” – Love the beat – this is music for driving… when I am in my truck, I have to turn the volume up on this song.  Same thing goes for ‘Blow Ye Winds’… get ready to crank the volume.

But my favorite on the CD  is ‘Poison Lovers’.   Usually I am not a big fan of remakes, but they kick it out of the ballpark with this Steve Earle remake.   Awesome duet. 

Shanneyganock performs constantly and if you want to check out if they are coming to a location near you, check out their website at



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  1. Thanks for the kind words on the new album.

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