What happened To The Work Ethic?

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As a manager that seems to be constantly recruiting for salespeople, I find myself asking the question “What happened to the work ethic that was so predominant years ago?”  Is it just me, or does it seem that people want to find the ‘easy way’ out…. and more importantly, could this be another reason, (other than greed) that played a role in our economic down-turn!

Let’s take a look.  AIG, after receving billions of tax-payers dollars in a bail-out, still want to pay out 165-million in bonuses.  Bonuses for what?  Putting the company close to bankruptcy?   The CEO’s of the auto industry showed up in private planes the first time they went asking for money.  Is life so rough when you can travel by private plane?   The only reason they showed up driving hybrids the next time they went asking for money is because the media had a field day.  And here in Canada the CBC is asking for money out of one side of their mouth, and paying out bonuses out of the other side.  This just goes to prove the mind-set has not changed, and they will continue to make the same greedy mistakes that got them in this situation in the first place.  Aghhh!

On the home-front 82,600 people lost their jobs in February here in Canada, pushing the unemployment rate to a high of 7.7%  Yet, when I interview people I get asked questions like “What time is my coffee break?” and “Can I have 2 months off my first year”?  I am not making this stuff up.

I believe one of the things that is going to turn this economic recession around is hard work.  Batten down the hatches people…. It’s time to go to work.  There are jobs out there, but because the cost of doing business is increasing, we have to work harder right now.  Guess what?  That’s OK! 

Here’s my final thought on this subject!  “Out of choppy waters, true leaders will emerge”!  Be a leader!  Let’s get working!

I have been travelling much more for work reasons during the week, so I only get a chance to blog on weekends.  Please keep reading,,, I enjoy all the comments very much.


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  1. funvinyldecals says:

    AIG is paying out the bonuses because they will be sued bankrupt if they dont. That is the point. The bonuses are for past year work. AIG could re-negotiate future contractual terms with its employees, but it needs to honor what was agreed for last year.

    Even if AIG is bankrupt or closed down, it will still need to pay its employees salary till date, which will include the bonuses as well. Therefore, it cost money to close down big businesses like AIG and the automakers, and the banks…

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