U2’s No Line On The Horizon!

No Line on the Horizon cover      Bono at the Church of Light in Osaka 

I love this cd.  The 12th studio album from U2 is the first studio cd since “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”.   It reflects not only great writing talent, but portrays the fabulous musicians they are, and Bono’s vocals are top notch. 

Two of my favorite tracks are ‘Moment of Surrender’ and the title track “No Line on the Horizon”.   I also really like “Magnificent”!  The music of U2 automatically puts me in a good mood, and this cd is no exception.   It’s just good music!

Produced by Steve Lillywhite, Brian Eno, and fellow Canadian Daniel Lanois,  who has worked with such greats as Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, and Robbie Robertson. 

Above, is a picture of the cd cover, which is beautiful in that it is so simplistic.  It is a picture of Lake Constance, taken by Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto.  This photographer also took a picture Tadao Ando’s Church of Light, which Bono visited when he was in Osaka Japan in 2006.   (the other picture above)

Go out and buy this cd, you won’t regret spending the money.  And when I bought my copy, it says $1 from the purchase, will go towards the Global Fund, which goes to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.  So there you go, you not only get a great cd, you could help save a life.



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