Happy Easter!

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Just a quick note to say Happy Easter to all my friends, family, and fellow bloggers.   Whatever this Easter brings for you, whether its an abundance of faith, or spring cleaning the closets, I hope it finds you happy and safe.  

 Although it is Christianity’s most important holiday, for me personally it is a time of renewal, springtime and cleansing.  As I look out my window at the sudden down-pouring of snow, I realize its not very ‘spring-like’, but snow does have a cleansing effect.  I have also realized that it is this 4-day Easter weekend that brings out the spring cleaner in me.  I always tend to go deep deep deep in the closet space, and throw away one or two things I haven’t worn in 10 years, but somehow managed to talk myself  into keeping during last year’s Spring clean.

So enjoy this Easter with family or friends and I hope you find your own personal renewal and growth.  And remember, only 256 sleeps to Christmas.


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