Snow in May!

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     The May Long Weekend is just around the corner….

     And it’s snowing!

I don’t know about you, but I really look forward to the May long weekend.  In Canada, it’s really early this year, starting on Friday May 15th.  You see, in Canada, unless the 24th falls on a Monday, its celebrated here the weekend before.  So, although it is a little early this year, I know I should not be looking out my window at SNOW!

No, its not a typo, SNOW!  Now as you know, here in Canada we have had a brutal winter with lots of snow already.  We’re sick of it.   So the last thing a person wants to see as she prepares for the ‘Unofficial Kick-off to Summer”, is the fluffy white stuff…. actually its more like wet cold snow… you know… slush!

I’m not a camper, but I figure all the people that are getting ready to open up their cabins and bring their campers to a park, must be pretty sick right now.  Snow!  Gross!  I know,,, it has happened in the past.. but you never seem to get used to snow in May.  It should be a time for flowers, and shorts, and sandals… not winter coats and turtlenecks.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your long weekend, and I hope the American’s get a better one starting May 23rd.

No matter, have fun, and drive safe.


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