Made In China Part II

See full size imageI couldn’t believe it.  After I wrote the article yesterday about how Chinese made products are taking over our homes, I look on the CNN web-page and there’s a story.  Some people in Florida are having to leave their homes and pay rent, because the drywall in the homes, which by the way has been made in China, are emitting gasses that are making them sick.   Read the full article here

We live in the age of information.  It is more easy to gain access to information and to share it than any other time in history.  Then why are people getting sick, and some dying, from Chinese made products?  Let me say right here that I know not every product made in China is faulty, poisonous, or tainted.  But we are buying baby food, pet food, toys and now drywall, that are not superior products. 

Let’s not assume China has the same ‘standards’ for safety and quality that Canada has.  Pay attention to what you are buying everyone.

Keep safe


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