Kanye West is an Idiot!

First of all let me apologize to the regular readers… I never wanted to turn this blog into a lot of negativity.  I wanted to share triumphs, great books, good movies, and thoughts on different topics and current events.  However, too often I go on to peruse one of my favorite sites and this guy is there with a temper tantrum, or a sookie moment,, and now, he  has shown up on the Time Magazine’s website with this ludicrous quote. 

KANYE WEST, who is publishing his own book
Time Magazine, shame on you for printing this.  I know I am going to get some back-lash but I am willing to chance it.  I won’t even publish his picture.   If you have kids, my wish for you is that this is not one of their role models.  It doesn’t surprise me, that he doesn’t believe in books, unless I’m sure they are about him!!
 This is a guy who
** 2 years in a row at the MTV Video Music Awards, throwing temper tantrums, threatening not to return, BECAUSE HE DIDNT WIN!
** Leading up to the 2005 Grammy Awards, he was in the news again, complaining he wasn’t getting enough press!
** One of my personal favorites of how egotistical and small a person he is, came during the 2006 European MTV Music awards, when after losing, he jumps on the stage during the winner’s acceptance speech and starts yelling that he deserved to win.  This guy is NUTS!
With an ego like that, I wouldn’t be surpised to find that he Googles his own name every day.  Please let him come across this small little blog.  He’s an idiot, and magazines, entertainment shows and news shows should stop giving him press… then maybe he would just become that crazy ‘has-been’.
My apologies for the vent.  I promise the next blog will be a more positive, up-lifting subject.

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