Former President Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton-JTM-039584.jpg

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was in St. John’s today, and not only did I have the priviledge to hear him speak, I also got the chance to meet him, speak with him and have my picture taken with him.  I will post that as soon as they send it to me.  You see, you don’t use your own camera, and have a buddy take the picture.  It’s his photographer, etc.

But let’s get back to the real reason I went to see the former President speak.  I thought he did a great job of tackling some of the current day issues, but what was most impressive was the fact that he spoke very well in laymens terms, so that everyone in the audience could understand what he meant.

He touched on issues like North Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.  But mostly, he spoke on making a change in the world, and how everyone can play a part in that.   I liked his message about how the global economy and climate change are weighing heavily on people’s minds, and that cynicism and pessimism causes people to do nothing.

He talked about some of the work his charities have been doing in poverty stricken countries, and took a moment to thank Newfoundlanders for the part they played on 9/11, and how they opened their hearts and their homes to people stranded on the 77 flights that made emergency landings in Newfoundland.

A great day – the sun was shining and I got to meet a former President.  Not bad!


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