An Over-Whelming Response to ‘Made in China’

I was taken aback by the amount of hits my ‘Made in China’ artle has received.  I have received a walloping 1200% increase in my website readership by the ‘Made in China’ article.  I guess I am not the only one concerned with the safety of products Made in China, and the difficulty it is to buy from elsewhere.

From toothpaste tainted with an ingredient from anti-freeze to dangerous pet food,  we should be concerned.  The question is, can ‘Made in China’ be avoided.  Let me tell you, it’s tough.  As you may be aware, I am trying to avoid the ‘Made in China’ label.  Try buying a pair of sneakers that weren’t made in China.  Addidas – Made in China.. Reebok – Made in China. Sketchers – Made in China! 

Companies in China produce about 80 percent of the world’s wheat gluten, common in most breads, cakes and cookies, and 80 percent of its sorbic acid, a preservative used in just about everything.  It’s what makes your favorite bagel in the morning chewy!!  Then of course, there is the reaction…the Chinese governmenthas essentially fallen back on its tried-and-true method of dealing with such problems – a combination of silence, denials and old-fashioned scapegoating.

I think they need to learn a lesson from Michael McCain, President and CEO of McCain Foods.  When listeriosis was discovered in a Maple Leaf plant, Michael McCain stepped up to the plate and said ‘The Buck Stops Here’.  He took full responsibility and made a promise to Canadians that he would fix the problem, and provide safe products.  Let me tell you, because of his leadership I am buying Maple Leaf products today because of the integrity Mr. McCain showed during probably the most trying time of his career.  And I was thrilled to hear he had become 2008 CEO of the Year by the Canadian Press. 

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