A Salute To Dad!

       See full size imageSunday, June 21st is Father’s Day, and I just wanted to take a moment to salute all the good guys out there!   When I went to look for a picture of my dad, all I could find was this one, on the patio of my home, talking to someone.  How sad is it, that this is the only picture of my dad I have on computer.  I have others framed, in photo albums etc, but since the digital age, this is it.  I plan to rectify that in the coming year.

But I digress!   Today’s blog is to salute the man who raised three daughers and together with his wife, my mom, did it all in a small home and one bathroom.  That’s 4 women, 1 bathroom!  There’s a place reserved in heaven for Johnny!

He’ll be 79 soon, has an artificial hip, takes 1/2 pill a day, and more energy than any of his daughters.  When each of his daughters  wrecked his car, and we all did on separate occassions, the first question he asked ‘Was anyone hurt’.  He was the one who taught me ‘stuff’ is replaceable, people are not!

To the man who tolerated bad boyfriends, mood swings, bad hair days, and the pitfalls of brand name clothing.  To the man who never missed a school concert, and God forbid a sports game.  Who saw us through tough times and disappointment – and was there to celebrate with us the good grades, the seldom high scores and all of life’s good times.

Happy Father’s Day Johnny!


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