Michael Jackson 1958-2009

  It was January 1983, and as a young disc jockey at a Radio Station in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, I, like many others around the world, started playing a song that would change the course of history.  That song was Billie Jean, by Michael Jackson from his Thriller LP.  Now for you young ones, who don’t know what LP is, it stands for Long Playing Record.  Yes, Thriller was first released on an LP.

Thriller went on to become the best selling record of all time, and still holds the title with over 50 million copies sold.  Everyone had a copy of Thriller.   Not only did it produce Billie Jean, but also Beat It, Thriller, and The Girl is Mine.  Aided by high energy music videos when MTV was in its heyday, Michael Jackson became the world’s greatest entertainer and was dubbed ‘The King of Pop’. 

And now he has passed on.  Like many others, I am scratching my head over what happened to this talented young man.  Everyone remembers the good looking kid from the Jackson 5 and from the music videos in the early 80’s.  From the plastic surgeries, odd public appearances, his marriages and of course his allegations of child abuse,  his downhill slide was more like an avalanche out of control.  Like the King of Rock and Roll before him, there will always be questions.


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  1. i think that plastic surgeries are becoming a routine procedure for very rich people “

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