McManis Wines

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I love trying new wines, and on the recommendation of a fellow wine snob friend of mine (and by the way, wine snob is a compliment!), I tried the McManis Zinfandel tonight.  Now normally a California Zinfandel is soft for me, I really like a full-bodied wine with lots of bold taste.  But I was very impressed.  It has a rich dark color, and has the raspberry, blackberry and blueberry aromas.  Aged in French and American oak, this is a great wine to go with any meal or to drink by itself.  

I am really looking forward to trying the Cabernet Sauvignon.  I am a big Cab Sav fan and the 2007 harvest took place from later September to early October, which means a great tasting wine. 

Check them out for yourself at

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