My Life Without Television Continues!

 Television HistoryToday marks 2 months in which I have not had a television.  I got to admit.  I still don’t miss it… that much.  I would have liked to watch some of the tributes when Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died.  Not enough, mind you, to run out and get cable or satellite, but I have had moments.  Moments of missing what I considered quality programming.

I will say I miss the Food Network!  I love to cook, and I enjoy watching cooking shows.  I have gotten some great ideas from the Food Network, and I do miss that.   I also miss A & E and especially The Biography Channel.   I am fascinated by people’s lives and the path’s they take on their journey to get them to where they are.   And I miss W Network (The Women’s Network). From the style shows, to the home make-over shows and they always have great movies on Saturday night.

Network television – I do not miss.

Enjoy the summer!


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