Check Out Flickr!

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I love photography!  My friend Gary has introduced me to Flickr, the website where people can share their photographs.  I love this website, and especially like seeing the photos other people from Newfoundland have taken.  My friend Gary has taken some great photos, and if he lets me I will share his Flickr site, as I was looking at some of photos last night, and they are great.

One of the things I like the most about photography is that I have to take about 20 pictures before I get one that moves me.  I particularly like scenic photographs.  Here is my Flickr website, and feel free to browse and share any tips. 

All the pictures taken on my Flickr site were taken with a digital camera.  My favorite camer is an old Canon AL-1, pictured here.  I need to take about 50 pictures with this camera to get a great shot, but I love it.  It’s heavy and I love how the camera feels in my hand.  It was introduced in March of 1982, and discontinued in 1987,  so its an old camera.  I like it.

Here is my Flickr website if you would like to check out some pics.

Enjoy, and any photography advice would be greatly appreciated.


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