Beautiful Bonne Bay!

Over Looking Bonne Bay Pond  Bonne Bay

It’s been 25 years since I’ve been back, way too much time has passed, since I visited Bonne Bay.   My father is from Bonne Bay and when my grandmother died 25 years ago, I never went back.  Moved away for 17 years, and so on, but recently I took my two nephews, 7 & 11, and off to Woody Point we went.

We had a great day.  We walked along the beach and picked up driftwood, shells and rocks.  We went to the Discovery Centre on the way to Trout River, and a fascinating look at the history of Gros Morne Park and the area itself, dating back thousands of years.  Woody Point hasn’t changed much.  I remember when the Woody Point Motel opened, it was owned by friends of my parents – the Martins.  You can’t imagine the thrill, as a young girl, being the first guests in the motel, when they opened for New Years’.  The motel is still there, but new owners.  Stopped at the house my father grew up in, and thought about all the changes.

If you want to head out for a great drive, head to Bonne Bay and enjoy all it has to offer.


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