Chateaunneuf de Pape!

Non Vintage La Fiole Du Pape Chateauneuf - Du - Pape N.V. Wine

I recently got to try a Chateaunneuf de Pape for the first time.  Many of my wine loving friends have told me it is by far their favorite wine, but when the ‘cheapest’ bottle in our liquor store starts at $50, its not something you want to gamble on.

Recently friends of mine were given a bottle, and they knew I had been dying to try a Chateaunneuf de Pape, so they saved it till I came over, and we opened it up.  And I have to say, I was not disappointed.   I loved the smoothness of the wine.   And although it was smooth, it has enough body to enjoy with many foods, including a steak.  Chateaunneuf du Pape is known as a ‘food wine’, because it goes great with most foods.

I am also a fan of packaging, and this was one of the best.  They have made it look like an ‘old antique’ bottle, and I loved it.  More so, I loved the wine inside.

Chateaunneuf du Pape is a wine named after a region of the same name in the Rhone Wine region of France.   Chateaunneuf du Pape means “the Pope’s new castle” and dates back to 1308 when Pope Clement V became a big fan of the wine and the wine became known as ‘Vin de Pape’ or Wine of the Pope.   And a little later the term was changed to Chateaunneuf du Pape. 

If you have more brands of this wine that you have tried and enjoyed, please let me know.



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