The Top 10 Photos of 2008.

         I am a big fan of Photography!  I love taking pictures, and I love looking at pictures.  I enjoy the entire process, which for me, means taking about 50 pictures to get one that really moves me.

Recently I was curious about the what Time Magazine and National Geographic had considered the Top 10 Photos of 2008.  Above is a picture of Cindy McCain, taking a rest wtih a glass of white wine, while campaigning with her husband, John McCain.   It was taken by TIME Photographer Christopher Morris and it was one of Time Magazine’s Top 10 Photos of 2008.   Check out all 10 photos from Time Magazine at this link.,30583,1855948_1864580,00.html

I really like taking pictures of nature.   I also like viewing pictures of nature.  So of course my favorite pictures of 2009 came from National Geographic.   Check them out.

One of my favorites was the volcano erupting in Chile.  Now that was a photograph.  And please feel free to check out some of the pictures I have taken on my flickr site.



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