147th Running of the Harbour Grace Regatta!

Summer Fun July 09 031 by you.   Summer Fun July 09 020 by you.

If there is one thing to say about the province of Newfoundland, there are events all over, for every age group, and for every member of the family.  This was my first time taking in the Harbour Grace Regatta.  It was the 147th Running of the Harbour Grace Regatta, which makes it the second oldest sporting event in Newfoundland, second only to the historic St. John’s Regatta.

KIXX Country Radio was delighted to sponsor a first-time team of Rowers.  They were 8 years old, rowing for the first time in the ‘Girls Under 10 Division’.  And even though the oars were bigger than the girls themselves, they made excellent time, and did everyone proud.

I have included some pics of the fabulous girls and say hats off to their accomplishments.  If I had to row the distance they did, I would still be on that lake today.

Congratulations girls!



  1. Terri Lynn Meadus says:

    Thank you so much for backing our girls 🙂 They did an awesome job and made us all very proud! They were very dedicated and had a great race at the regetta! I see future record breakers 🙂

  2. Blank says:


    I was one of the girls that rowed in that boat, it is the 150th now and our third year rowing hope we do good this year thanks for the compliments

    1. darmyers says:

      Hi Anna

      That is so exciting. Thank you for writing, it was so exciting to watch you in your first Regatta. Sadly I will be on the West Coast this year, and I will miss it. Good luck, I will be cheering for you

      1. No Name says:

        Thanks, this year is our fourth year as a team and the past three we have gotten bronze but this year being the 150th rowing of the Harbour Grace Regatta and starting off as being the youngest team ever to row we stepped up and finally got a silver medal with the time of 8.07 tomorrow we are rowing in the Royal St.Johns Regatta. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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