The Art of Handwriting!

I was reading a Time Magazine article recently on mourning the lost art of Handwriting.  Here is the article if you would like to read it as well.,9171,1912419,00.html

And I would like to add a few comments.  I realize there is a young generation of people that text more than they talk, however, one day these people want to enter the work force.  My advice is don’t let the handwriting skills slip you by, and face to face communication skills are needed if you are going to succeed.  So its fine to text, I do it myself, but you have to open yourself to and learn other forms of communication.

I have been stating for a long time that the generation of young people who soley communicate through computer, and their free time is spent with an X-Box, are not doing themselves any favors, because in the Business world, a broader skill set is needed.  Unless all these young people intend to be computer programmers, they need to broaden their horizons.

It’s up to us to ensure our young people read more, write more and learn more than what’s available on an X-Box.   And don’t forget to write that handwritten note. 


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