3 Months No Television!

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Today marks 3 months, as I continue my journey through this time in my life with no television.   I’m still not tempted to hook up with satellite or cable. 

This month I have hooked up with another favorite pasttime – crossword puzzles.  I used to love crossword puzzles, especially the Sunday Crossword from the Washington Post and New York Times.  I got out of the habit.  But now I am back in the swing of things, and enjoy sitting down on Sundays with a cup of coffee and a pen (yes, a pen) and my favorite crossword.

Have also read a few great books… (a couple of not so great books).  Reading ‘The Pact’ by Jody Picoult right now and really enjoying that.  I also enjoyed Denzel Washington’s ‘A Hand to Guide Me’, and one of my favorites so far this summer has been Richard Paul Evans ‘The Last Promise’.  Great summer pick.

I have also watched a few movies including ‘Angels and Demons’ with Tom Hanks, which I liked more than the movie ‘Davinci Code’.  Ewan McGregor was great in this movie.

And I have been writing in my blog more.  Good or bad, there you have it.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer!


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