Driven to Distraction!

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The province of Alberta is considering introducing a ‘distracted driving bill’ this fall, which basically means the days of talking on a cell phone, eating fast food while driving and applying make up could be numbered.   It would lump a number of ‘driving faux-pas’ into one law, and make it against the law to be engaging in activities that take the focus away from the road.

It’s about time!  But I will say this, it’s one thing to make it a law, it’s another thing to enforce it.  In the province of Newfoundland it is already illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving a car.  However, every second vehicle in this province, you will see a driver with a cell phone to his or her ear.  It’s not enforced.  Eating and applying make up are bad enough, but the other day I saw a driver with a newspaper across his steering wheel, while driving down the highway.  Isn’t it ironic that as citizens we see these but yet these people never seems to get stopped by the police. 

Texting has become a nightmare on the road.  You simply are not able to type while keep your eyes on the road.  No one is that good.  It’s dangerous, and you are 23 more times at a risk to get in an accident.  And you know what, I’m going out on a limb here, but if you get in an accident and harm someone because of cell phones, texting or other distractions, you should have your drivers license taken away from you.

Driving is not a God-given right, it is a privilege.  If you abuse that privilege, you should lose it.

Drive safe everyone


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