4 Months No Television

Ten Reasons To Turn Off Your TV“American children and adolescents spend 22 to 28 hours per week viewing television, more than any other activity except sleeping. By the age of 70 they will have spent 7 to 10 years of their lives watching TV.”
— The Kaiser Family Foundation

Today is September 1st, and marks 4 months I have had no television.  Fall is just around the corner and with much longer evenings (is it really only 8:36 p.m.) and all the shows starting up, does it get tempting…. a little!

So, I did a little browsing around the internet.  Check out some of the facts at www.turnoffyourtv.com.  Some of the info will blow your mind.   There is concern that television is turning us into a nation of morons.. (not my words).   Plus, here are five more reasons to turn off your tv.. even for a week!  Try it for one week and see what happens.

1.  You’ll start cooking real meals, because you wont be late for that tv show.

2.  You will start exercising more

3.  You’ll read more books

4.  Spend more time with the important people in your life.

5.  You’ll get more projects completed.

Please let me know how your week without television went.

Looking forward to hearing


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