Patrick Swayze – We Lost Our Dirty Dancer!

COUNTRY BOY photo | Lisa Niemi, Patrick Swayze

If you are my age, one of the biggest heart-throbs of our generation was the Patrick Swayze.  On Monday, September 14th, the ultimate Dirty Dancer lost his battle with Pancreatic Cancer.

He is pictured above with his wife of 34 years Lisa Niemi.   My heart goes out to her today, his soul-mate and life partner.  You get to call each other soul-mates when you’ve been together for 39 years in total, and married for 34 of them in Hollywood.  To everyone who have been “in love” for a month, take note, that’s lust.  Going through good times and bad, stardom, a miscarriage and a death sentence – and remaining together – now that’s love.

Hollywood wasn’t his life – it was what he did for a living.  He once said his life was on his ranch, with his horses and dogs, and of course his wife.   The lead in such films as Ghost, Dirty Dancing and the Outsiders, this multi-talented star also did Broadway, and more recently, starred in a television series called ‘The Beast’.

There is an additional bright star in the Heavens tonight, and that star is Patrick Swayze.

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