5 Months with no Television

Will There be 6 months?  That is the question.  October is here, the evenings are much longer, and I’m starting to miss television a bit.  I do miss Dancing with the Stars!

Plus, I guess there is a bit of excitement with the returning of your favorite shows.  Now I don’t have a lot of favorite shows.  But I do wish I could have watched the Season opener of Grey’s Anatomy.  And I haven’t found a source in Canada yet, that allows you to watch previous episodes.  On the ABC website, this feature is only available to people living in the United States.

And I still miss the Food Network!

Does anyone out there know how to watch previously aired television episodes if you live in Canada?  Surely there must be a website available to us.

I look forward to hearing from you if you know of one.

Still reading lots!



  1. GK says:

    I’m not aware of many places to watch these TV shows. HULU apparently is very good but like you mentioned earlier, you can only see these shows if you live in the US.

  2. Maureen says:

    Hey there…I hear you on the longer evenings…I’ve been taping Dancing with the Stars….I gotta tell you that the sequins and dazzle are still as fun this season….having it on PVR is great…you can skip right over the mindless commercials and get to what you want to watch. If you do end up watching TV this winter I highly recommend getting PVR we have it with our satellite.

    Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving.

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