Barack Obama Wins the Nobel Peace Prize!

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Gasps came from the journalists in Oslo Norway when it was announced that Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States, won the Nobel Peace Prize!  Apparently, there has been some controversy regarding this announcement.  And my question is “Why?”  Not why did President Obama win, why the controversy?  And my question to the nay-sayers who say he doesn’t deserve it is ‘What have you done that has given the world so much hope?”

Here is why I think President Barack Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

– Imagine how many children he inspired by becoming the first African American man ever elected President.  The words every parent uses ‘You can be anything you want to be’ had new meaning for children everywhere.  I have read of instances where children have made the honor roll at school and credited Barack Obama.

– Imagine how many adults he has inspired that all things are possible, and that dreams can come true. 

Bono, of the group U2, is a contributor as a columnist to the New York Times.  This is what he wrote yesterday.

“Well, I happen to be European, and I can project with the best of them. So here’s why I think the virtual Obama is the real Obama, and why I think the man might deserve the hype. It starts with a quotation from a speech he gave at the United Nations last month:

“We will support the Millennium Development Goals, and approach next year’s summit with a global plan to make them a reality. And we will set our sights on the eradication of extreme poverty in our time.”

They’re not my words, they’re your president’s. If they’re not familiar, it’s because they didn’t make many headlines. But for me, these 36 words are why I believe Mr. Obama could well be a force for peace and prosperity — if the words signal action.”

These are just a few of the reasons I believe President Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.  Inspiration, Hope, and Dreams Coming True.


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