Johnny Reid is coming to Newfoundland.

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I love the music of Johnny Reid.  And now he is coming to St. John’s on May 7th and 8th, and I have my tickets for the Friday, May 7th show.  I can’t wait.

It started for me with ‘Born to Roll’ and continued on with Kicking Stones and by the time ‘Darlin’ was released you couldn’t get a copy of the Kicking Stones cd anywhere in my hometown.  And Dance With Me has put out a string of  hits including ‘A Woman Like You’, ‘Dance With Me’ and ‘Old Flame’.  I own this cd and I love all the tracks, but my two favorites have not been released as singles yet, ‘My Old Friend’ and ‘Brings Me Home’. 

If you would like a taste of Johnny Reid, check out his video for a Darlin’.  Enjoy, and buy his cd’s.  Please don’t pirate the music.


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