The Devil’s Punchbowl – Greg Iles – I Feel I Got Punched!

Devil's Punchbowl is No. 1 Bestselling paperback

** Spoiler Alert**

I love the books of Greg Iles.  I have read several, including True Evil, Turning Angel and Blood Memory.   I recently got my hands  on The Devil’s Punchbowl, I was excited.  I was pumped to get into a great book.  And it WAS a great book.  I just can’t believe he didn’t finish it!!!

Greg, this is for you.  I read 706 pages of this fabulous book, and actually thought that someone had ripped the last chapter from the folds.  There is no way you would taken us through The Devil’s Punchbowl and have the book end with your dad having a massive heart attack and something important to tell you.  Come On!!!!  That’s just cruel. 

Let me guess, the next part of the saga comes out in what, a year from now? 

For you authors, I realize you may want to line up sales for the next book by leaving the current book with a cliff hanger.  But keep in mind from the reader’s perspective, your next book may not be avaiable for 6 months to a year.  Guess What?  We have forgotten the cliffhanger.  People like closure.   Especially if you read on average 2 books a week.

Listen, if you’re good, you’re good.  and Greg Iles, you are good.  People will look at your next book, and not even read the back cover.  It will be a case of ‘Oooh, Greg Iles, I have to pick that book up”.  You don’t need to pull these stunts.   I had put you on par with Harlan Coben, but sorry my friend, you fell a notch.


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