Are you eating the Stuff – or is the Stuff eating you!

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I was reading something the other day and it really hit a chord. 

‘We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t even like’.  

Do you realize that the saddest part of that statement is that it is absolutely TRUE!  And I started thinking when did all this madness begin.  Because you can only call it madness when a person would rack up a credit card bill buying stuff that is not necessary to our survival, ie food, water, or transportation – and all to impress who, exactly?  I like to call this madness ‘Stuff-itis’, because it has to be a disease!  How can we cure it.

I think of my mother, the sweetest woman you’ll ever meet.  But she is so concerned as to what other people think –  even is she doesn’t like anything about this person.  It boggles my mind.  Why would you care what someone thought if this person goes against everything you believe in?  Wouldn’t you ever WANT to agree with someone who goes against your personal belief system?

And, every day I see ‘stuff’ sitting out in people’s driveways that cost big money, but they don’t use.  Wouldn’t this money be better spent on something that allows you quality time with your kids, family or friends?

On this upcoming Easter weekend, let’s all take stock of how we each throw money away on the ‘stuff’ and let’s see how we can put that money to better use.  Take your kids on a day outing, donate to a cause that is special to you, use the money to buy food for a food bank, or support the local animal shelter. 

Let’s end ‘Stuff-itis’ and do something useful with that money!!

Happy Easter


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