12 Months No Television

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Today, May 1st, marks 12 months for me without television.  It is said people, including children, watch 22 to 28 hours of television per week.  Well, these are some of the things I have accomplished in these additional hours to my week.

1.  I have read approximately 104 books.  Books help the brain from going soft.   It has opened my mind.

2.  I have practiced and fine-tuned my public speaking abilities.  I have taken the opportunity to speak in public when-ever asked.  It has opened doors.

3.  I exercise 4 times a week.  It has opened a better mind and body and a much better attitude.

4.  I do at least one crossword puzzle per week.  A difficult one.  It makes me think.

It has been said with the amount of television most people watch, it has created a nation of morons.  I don’t think television is all bad, there are things we can learn from some very great channels.   But these aren’t the ‘highly watched channels’.  But for the most part there are 315 channels of nothing on. 

And 15 minutes of fame, a celebrity does not make.  Just because someone is on tv, does not make them a star.  Audrey Hebpurn was a star, Katherine Hepburn was a star, a person on a reality show is not a star.

Enjoy today television free.


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