Happiness is Calling You – Maureen Namirembe

Happiness is Calling You by Maureen Murungi Namirembe: Book Cover  Most of you know I am a voracious reader.  And while I realize some of you aren’t, if you are going to read one book this summer, make it ‘Happiness is Calling You by Maureen Namirembe.  I hope this is a wake-up call for many people.  When you read what this woman went through in Uganda, wars, losing her mother, losing family and friends, running for her life and not being captured – you’ll think twice before you complain about something petty or trivial.

This woman, who now lives in Montreal, has the most amazing positive outlook on life.   I remember in the book, the author recounts of a story of how soldiers would catch and kidnap people and force them into the army.  They were chasing her one day in a truck and she ran and ran.  Her legs started to hurt and she thought they were going to catch her.  If she was caught, she would have been raped, beaten and probably not seen again by her family.  But she ran, and she got away – so when this lady tells you to stop worrying about the small stuff, I found myself really paying attention.

I thought it was great advice to give on not worrying about things that may or may not happen.   When a friend of hers asked her one day ‘Can I be happier than this, or is it greedy of me to expect more”?  Maureen didn’t hesitate when she answered ‘Of course you can!” 

I feel the greatest tribute I can give to the author of this book, Maureen Namirembe is to share the book.  And that’s exactly what I did this week when I finished it.  I gave it to a colleague and co-worker who feels for some reason she doesn’t deserve to be happy.

Enjoy time to read – it’s one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.



  1. Wow this is great. I wish you the best in your new launch. The sky is the limit. Go gal !. Be proud of you imagination

    1. I thank you very much Evelyn for your comments.

      I truly believe that this book (Happiness is Calling You) was truly meant
      to bless many.

      Yours truly.

      Akiiki Publishings Corp.

      Pierre Dore

  2. Indeed happiness is calling you if you choose to be HAPPY.If you have a problem DON’T be intimidated by a problem ,DON’T be frustrated by a problem be motivated by a problem.

    Yes we meet Problems in our lives .We should use them as solution to help us out and not to create more problems for ourselves .

    This book is the best to solution to your problems.As Darlene put it”,I think this is a wake-up call for many people”.
    Take time to read.


    1. After reading this book i realize that what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger…..that is very courageous.

  3. Happiness is Calling You is an incredible book.
    I was impressed by its content and the message
    it offers to people who really want to be happy and
    live their live to fullest.

    After reading this book, Irealized that the problems
    that we face in our day to day life in America are
    nothing compared to what the author went through
    during her life in her own country, Uganda..

    This book is a real inspiration that must be read
    by those who aspire to be happy no matter what.

  4. Happiness is Calling You is an incredible book.

    After reading this book, Irealized that the problems
    that we face in our day to day life in America are
    nothing compared to what the author went through
    during her life in her own country, Uganda..

    This book is a real inspiration that must be read
    by those who aspire to be happy no matter what.

  5. Wow!! What a book!!
    This is my third time reading this book. I hope that it will land in Oprah`s hands some day. I believe that it will change so many people’s lives around the world.

    Keep up the good work Maureen

  6. Oh my God!! What a great read. I have to say that I was moved to tears and to laughter at the same time. This author really got me going. My outlook on life has changed. I used to take small things for granted. Now, I am more appreciative and I consider myself truly blessed.
    I can’t wait to read her next book.
    I will be first in line to get it, because she is such a positive author.
    Thank you thank you, thank for introducing me to this book.

    God bless

  7. Maureen, you surely got me laughing and crying at the same time.
    I truly enjoyed the read. When is your next copy coming out? I want to be amont the first to get it.

  8. I encourage everybody to read this book. The author keeps it simple for everyone to understand. And she does say so from the start.
    She surely does deliver!!! After reading her book, I had tears in my eyes, because I realized how blessed I was all this time without noticing it. Go girl! I am waiting for your next book.

  9. Thank you so much Darlene for believing in me. I truly appreciate from deep within my heart.
    My next book will be out soon.
    I hope that it will reach out to as many people as Happiness Is Calling You has done.

    Thank you Darlene.

  10. This book has surely taught me to focus on the positive in life. I have the habit of taking things for granted. When my sister gave the book to me for my birthday, I was like ”I am into motivational books” But when I opened the first page of Happiness is calling you, I did not put it down till the last page. My life is changed guys!!

  11. I think that I will order another copy for my cousin this summer,because she needs a strong message like that. I feel soooooooooo…releaved after reading this book. I feel light actually.
    Thank you
    Ms. Namirembe

  12. Genda mumaiso Akiiki. We need your message of love. The world needs people like you. Kora sente.
    Baitu otanyebwa.

    Love you.

  13. I am so happy for you Maureen. Thank you for such a wonderful and encouraging message. We await your second book.
    Keep up helping and touching people through your writing.

    I hope to meet you so that you can autograph my copy some day.

    Love you


  14. Hi Ms. Darlene, the way that you described this author’s work is exactly right on. I really liked what she had to say about letting go. i used to have a major problem in that area. Now I am almost to that place.
    Thank you for sharing her work with the world.

    Brenda White

  15. Dear Miss Namirembe,
    This is such a great book. I will pass it on for sure.

    I wish you lots of happiness as well.



  16. This will definitely help you look at life in a different perspective. On the plus side, the author is my classmate in University right now and I’ve become good friends with her.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments. I thought the book was wonderful and I have shared it with many friends.

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