Emmy Fashion – Let’s Have some Fun!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know it will be 16 months on Wednesday that I have had the television unhooked.  I always said, when I start to miss it, I will get it again.  But guess what, for the most part, I haven’t missed.  What television are calling ‘stars’ these days, I’m sorry, Katherine Hepburn was a star, a person on a reality tv show is not a star. 

That’s not to say I haven’t missed a few components, like Awards Shows.  I love watching the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the People’s Choice, and yes the Emmy’s.  So while I didn’t get to see the actual broadcast, you can’t miss the Emmy Fashions, thanks to the Internet.  So, I’m going to have a bit of fun and tell you what I thought.  You can certainly let me know if you agree or disagree.  It will be fun!

Best Dressed in my Opinion. (After all, that is what this blog is called)

So, Clare Danes, Lea Michelle, Sofia Vergara, Anna Paquin and Julianna Marguiles rocked it!  Big Time.

Kim Kardashian and Kelly Osbourne – great dresses – when wearing white you should wear a bra.

Heidi Klum – Love you, Love the Legs, but you need to start dressing your age.

What were you thinking goes to Keri Russell in that ill-fitting pink dress – Not a good choice for you.  And Emily Deschanel – Barney went out of style years ago… stay away from Purple Barney looking dresses.

Eva Longoria Parker, although you looked classic in black, it was a little boring, a little predictable and been done before.  A little disappointing.

Anyway, you can let me know what you thought!


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