Have a safe Labor Day Long Weekend!

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It’s hard to believe!  The Labor Day Long Weekend is upon us which signals the end of Summer.  I know Summer doesn’t officially end until September 20th, but let’s face it, once Labor Day Weekend is over with and the kids head back to school, Summer is over in our minds.

As we enjoy our last weekend of Summer, there are lots of things to do around Newfoundland and Labrador.  This is the last weekend for ‘A Time in Pigeon Inlet’ in Bay Roberts, featuring the talented Kelly Russell.  Also, there’s a Logger’s Festival taking place in Gambo, and the Men’s Soccer Championship in St. Lawrence.  Or you could plan to go camping, as many provincial parks will close after this weekend.

Or, if you are like me, you’re going to stick close to home this weekend and use the extra day to get a few extra things done around the house.  Weed-whacking is going to part of my long weekend excitement.   That and some housework, do a little cooking, drink a little red wine.

I, for one, am really looking forward to the long weekend.  Stay safe, and please don’t drive over the speed limit.  The highways are going to be busier than usual, so keep that in mind, and keep your patience in check.  Road rage has zero benefit to anyone.  And if you’re going to have a drink, stay at home or call a cab.



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