Change – It’s the One Thing We can Depend On

Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by
drawbacks and discomforts.
Arnold Bennett
Anyone who thinks things are going to stay the same, is in for a big surprise.  Change is happening faster today than ever before.   Everything has changed from as little as 20 years ago.  From technology to travel – we are living in a smaller, faster world with bigger portions.  (Probably explains obesity)
Dr. Spencer Johnson wrote a couple of books about change.  One was called ‘Who Moved My Cheese’.  He also wrote ‘An A-mazing Way to Deal With Change’ and ‘Peaks and Valleys’.  I recommend everyone read these books.
Who Moved My Cheese is the simple story of 4 characters who live in a maze.  3 of the characters do not adapt well to someone moving the cheese.  The one who embraces the move, not only adapts, but prospers as well.
“I don’t like change” is not something that bodes well anymore either in the workplace or in a relationship.  Maybe my title was wrong.  People say that the only 3 things we can depend on are change, taxes and death.  I’ll take change any day.
 I think the clip below from Robert Gallagher says it all
Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine. Robert C. Gallagher

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