2012 – What Will The New Year Bring

On this New Year’s Eve 2011 my friend Michelle posted this photo on her Facebook page.  I think it’s a great thought as one year comes to an end and we are about to start another one.

A lot of people ask me what I am doing on New Year Eve.  My New Year’s Eve is my night to enjoy a treat bottle of wine and to write in my journal.  I like to write on the reflections of the past year and my hopes for the coming year.

This past year I quit smoking, and one of my personal goals this year is to have the strength to stay away from cigarettes.  Some of my other personal plans is to take control of my weight once again and rid myself of the ‘quit smoking pounds’ I put on.  I am going to do it in a healthy way by exercising more and focusing on a more plant-based eating plan.  More fruits and vegetables, less animal fat.

I am already an avid reader but I want to educate myself better this year.  I will read practically anything I can get my hands on, but one thing I want to do this year is read more biographies and learn more about other people.   I also want to become smarter in business and I have set some lofty goals for my business life.

I have cut many toxic people from my life and I try to surround myself with positive people I continue to learn from.  I want to become even better at that and work  harder at being the positive person other people gravitate towards.

I want to become a better public speaker and get some practice in 2012 and I would like to volunteer more.  I have been blessed with many gifts in my life and would like to give back even more.    I am a firm believer that what you give out will come back ten-fold.

And I would like to be a mentor to more people in 2012.   I have had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic people who have been great at mentoring me, and I would like to do the same to someone else.    I want to be the person I would like to see more of in the world.

I read a quote today that says ‘If you want to feel rich, count all the gifts you have that money can’t buy”.    So as we are about to enter 2012, I hope you can count many gifts in your life and that the New Year brings you even more gifts in value that we can’t put a price tag on.

Happy New Year


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  1. Cathy says:

    Hey Darlene, I think 2012 will be fantastic too. Congrats on the smoking and I’ll be right there with you on the weight loss – I’d like to control mine as well.
    You are a mentor Dar and I love having you around the office. You are a woman of STEELE.
    Love ya, Cathy

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