Personalities of Wine & People

Everyone who knows me, knows I drink and enjoy wine.  Mostly Reds.  Full bodied lots of personality Reds.   Recently I was describing the personality of a new favorite wine, when I realized I could have been talking about a dear friend.  I do cherish the friend a lot more, but the two of them together makes for a great evening.

Wine is a lot like people.   We, as human beings, are not going to like every single person we meet.  Likewise, we are not going to like every single wine we drink.   As a matter of fact, I like the differences all my friends bring to the table.  And I enjoy the differences a different bottle of wine tends to provide.

Over the coming months I am going to do a blog on the personality of different wines.  Today’s blog is going to be about one of my new favorite wines and what I think is one of the best deals on the shelf.

Brotte Pere Anselm Cotes du Rhone La Fiole, Rhone, France label

If the bottle looks familiar, you have probably tried the La Fiole Chateauneuf du Pape.  It’s spectacular, but believe me, it’s the wealthy cousin.  From the same family, the La Fiole Cotes du Rhones sells for $14.57 a bottle in Newfoundland Liquor Stores and I keep scratching my head as to how this vineyard managed to produce such a great wine for $14.57.

Mostly Syrah and Grenache, very fruity for such a young wine, and also very intense.   But then again Syrah (or Shiraz) is a powerful grape.   Known for being very full-bodied,  this one doesn’t disappoint.  Yet the added Grenache softens it out for an awesome combination.

You know someone like that?  Powerful with a soft side?  Not as rich as the wealthy cousin but easier to be around at that price.    You could spend every weekend with this one!!  I have friends like that.

Till next time!  Enjoy a glass!


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  1. Ron Delaney says:

    Great blog Darlene, will get that wine today!!

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