Birthday Wine – Part 2

In my last blog I had mentioned I had received NLC Gift Cards as gifts, and I was going to have a blast picking out some treat wines.  Well, I had a great time, and thought I would share with you some of my findings.


I had to pick up an Italian Barolo.

So I went with the Luigi Pira Barolo.  Keep in mind I haven’t had this yet.  It’s not easy to pick out a Barolo, our Howley Estates location has so many.  This is one of the lesser priced ones, but I can’t wait to try it.  It has been give 93.5 Ratings in 4 different reviews.   It sells for $43.54 a bottle at our NLC stores, still a great treat wine.

Had to get a bottle of Peter Lehman Clancy’s Shiraz.  Sells for $19.98 at the NLC and comes in a great tin container that makes a nice gift.  This is a great wine with a BBQ.   Natalie MacLean said it best when she described this wine as “Full-bodied with juicy ripe black fruit and a generous treatment of oak. Smoky finish”.

This is my go-to steak wine!   It’s Angove VS McLaren Vale Shiraz.  It’s $25.24 at the NLC and I discovered this wine one Friday evening, when I asked for a great Friday night wine that goes great with steak.  Since then, I have bought this wine to friend’s homes and it has never disappointed.  There’s a reason the McLaren Vale region is known for great Shiraz,  in my opinion, (that’s the name of the blog, after all!)  A rich full-bodied wine with hints of black currant (learned that in Level 1 wine class!)    Combined with flavors of oak and chocolate, I love this wine.

That’s it for this week.   As my friend Judy always says, “Life is too short to drink bad wine’.



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