Discovering New Wine

I have recently moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  And I am loving everything about this city.  One of the most exciting things for me, is to discover new wines that I couldn’t get before.

I have 2 new finds to tell you about.

The first was a housewarming gift, and I loved this wine.

This unique name comes from the practice of toasting barrel heads and staves to impart a mellow toasted flavor to the barrel aged wines made in California.  With flavors of vanilla, dark cherry fruit, blackberry,  and of course toasty oak.    Selling for under $20 here in Nova Scotia, this is a great wine at a great price.

My second find this week was a Bordeaux.  A 2010 Louis Eschenauer Bordeaux

In my opinion this is an easy to drink – easy on the pocketbook Bordeaux.  Still fairly young, this medium body wine has hints of smooth spice and wood.   I always like to learn the story behind a wine, and I found it interesting that the Eschenauer family is originally from Alsace.  When I took my Level 1 Wine Fundamentals course, Andrew talked a lot about the wines from Alsace, but they are known for their white wines.  The family moved to Bordeaux in 1821 and started making red wines.   I had it with pork and I thought it paired very well.   Again, under $20, you can’t go wrong.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I did a blog, because I was in transition.  I’m looking forward to sharing my new finds with you each week.

In Vino Veritas.


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