Discovering Local Wine

Monday, October 8th was the Thanksgiving Day holiday in Canada, and I took a break from unpacking to visit the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia.   If you are not familiar with the Annapolis Valley, it has spectacular views, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  It also has some pretty nice local vineyards and I got to visit a few of them.

In my wine fundamentals class I learned that Pinot Noir likes to grow in the cooler climates.  And Canada is known for its cooler climates!   So, Pinot Noir may be called temperamental, picky and the heart-break grape, I have been trying to taste as many Pinot Noir’s as I can from Canadian vineyards.  It’s not easy here in Nova Scotia, one NLSC does not carry one bottle of a Pinot Noir from Canada.  Shame.  While on my journey, I picked up a bottle of 2008 Pinot Noir from the Gasperau Vineyard in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Gasperau Winery was the first vineyard in the Annapolis Valley, and won the 2011 Winery of the Year in Atlantic Canada award.  That said, I was looking forward to trying the Pinot.   And I have to tell you, I was totally impressed, and I’m embarrassed to say ‘surprised’.   The grapes themselves were grown in Canning, Nova Scotia in Kings County.  I loved the taste of vanilla and oak.  I came to find out it was aged in new Hungarian Oak, older French oak and stainless steel.  Interesting.   It also had a peppery taste, and I love the hint of pepper in wines.  It was $20 for a smaller 500 ml bottle, but totally worth it.

Till next week, Cheers.


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