Wine & Food Pairing

Those that know me, know I not only love wine, but I love food as well.  I’m a Foodie!   And there’s nothing I love more that matching great food with a great wine.

Now I have to tell you, I have done a tremendous amount of ‘experimentation’ on my own, and one of the classes of my Wine Fundamentals Course was dedicated to food and wine pairing and I believe it comes down to one thing…… personal preference.

I may love a certain wine with a certain food and you may not.  I may find a certain wine flavor echo’s that of the food, while you may think the wine contrasts with the food flavor.  Personal preference.

Elements in the food can compliment or detract from one another.  Eating and drinking to find your favorite is the best way.  So please keep in mind, the following wine and food pairings are some of my favorite.  And I look forward to hearing your favorites.

Let’s start with salad.  I love a green salad with a homemade olive oil & balsamic dressing that has fresh garlic, grainy mustard and brown sugar.  And my favorite wine to have with this salad and salad dressing is a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region.

Stoneleigh is one of my favorites but I have tried several Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand and I love them all with salad.

Steak – won’t come as a big surprise to anyone that I love a big full-bodied red, like a Shiraz.  Wolf Blass Grey Label and Angove McLaren Vale Shiraz are two of my favorites.

Only one can be the star of the show.  Complex wines tend to go better with simple dishes and simpler wines with more complex dishes.  A simple roast beef with an aged top quality red and a simpler wine with more complicated dishes.  I like a light Pinot Grigio with spicy and Asian foods.

Next week we will get into chicken – and with chicken anything goes.

Till next week – Cheers.


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