Rise & Shine To A Great Pinot Noir


I have to be honest.   When I think of the Marlborough region of New Zealand, I think Sauvignon Blanc.  The area is considered by many critics to be the world’s best at growing Sauvignon Blanc.   However, Pinot Noir is one of New Zealand’s sought after varieties, especially in the Central Otago region, where Kim Crawford SP makes this Pinot Noir.  (SP stands for Small Parcel)

Last night I tried the Rise and Shine Creek Kim Crawford SP 2007 Pinot Noir from Central Otago.  The first thing you will notice when pouring this delightful wine is the color.  The dark purple vibrant color – and then you’ll check the label again to ensure it is in fact a Pinot Noir.   This richly intense looking wine doesn’t disappoint on the palate either.

Lots of smokey flavor, but thing that stands out the most about this wine for me was the length.  You can still taste this wine minutes later.   Thank you to my two favorite NSLC people, Rick & Sue for suggesting this wine.

I loved it!  Run, don’t walk, to the nearest liquor store and see if they have this wine.  At $32.99 a bottle here in Nova Scotia, I can honestly say it was worth every penny, and then some.

Till next week, Cheers.


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